Family dentist in north Edmonton

Family Dentist in Edmonton

A family of four can easily need to see a dentist 6 times annually. Since small children do not have the same thickness of enamel as their older peers, they should be seen every 6 months in order to prevent dental concerns. A small cavity that takes several years to form in the adult mouth can progress in a matter of months in children. Adding to the number of children in the family, or any concerns requiring a dental procedure can easily add up – in some cases a family could be visiting the dentist once a month. For working families with children in school, we know that this can be difficult to accommodate without considerable scheduling hardship. That’s why at GDC, we offer same-day appointments for families. Rather than seeing each family member on a separate day, we can arrange to have each member of the family seen on the same day! This is just one way that family dentists meet the needs of the families they serve.

What is a Family Dentist, Exactly?

A family dentist can be viewed as a general dentist who has made it his or her professional goal to offer services to all age groups and who is familiar with the needs of small and special needs children. While a pediatric dentist will see your children into their adolescence before transferring care to another general dentist, family dentists make it their goal to build a relationship with your family from the first visit and continue to see all members for as long as they have dental needs! With a family dentist, all members of the family can be cared for at one clinic – even grandma!

Family Dentists and Special Needs

Parents of children with special needs will find tremendous value in the skill set of a family dentist and their staff. We place importance on the ability of our dental professionals to use proven techniques and strategies to help children with special needs feel comfortable at the dentist. We may take steps to minimize noise or light stimulus or provide means of distraction such as a favourite cartoon while the dentist works. Understanding your family’s particular needs means that we can work together to provide the best possible experience for the important people in your life. Where sensory concerns are present, we may be able to provide suggestions to parents as to how to decrease oral sensory concerns by working with their children at home in preparation for visiting our clinic.

Family dentist in north Edmonton

How Does it Benefit My Family to Have a Long-term Relationship with Our Dentist?

Family dentists know that without the trust of their patients, the ease of procedures and care can be compromised. Without a familiar face to look to, patients can feel a heightened sense of anxiety and concern over allowing procedures to be performed. This can not only result in a less comfortable visit, but it can also lead to patient refusal to see a dentist at all – until there is an urgent situation that must be tended to (and sometimes after unnecessary discomfort).


Since a family dentist wants to build a long-term relationship with you, we are concerned about the experience you and your child have with us each and every time. That means we allow additional time to comfort a patient and talk with them, understand their needs and involve them in the process wherever possible. The best situation is that children start young so that they know what to expect at the dentist. Kids can get to know the office and staff, feel confident that their needs are being met, and even get to know all about the different tools dentists use and how they work. This is done in an effort to build trust and safe, positive dialogue with our patients around the work that we do. That way, if a member of your family requires more than a cleaning, they are already familiar with their dentist and what it feels like to have their dentist work in their mouth. This increases the likelihood that they will feel calm and at ease throughout their procedure.

Special Needs and Elder Care

Our office takes pride in our ability to effectively manage and prioritize the needs of our patients, particularly in complex areas of practice such as special needs and elder care. Chronic conditions can accompany special needs patients who are often at increased risk for periodontal disease and dental caries. We partner with the caregivers of our special-needs patients to empower them with the tools they require to be able to provide effective oral health management to their loved one between appointments. Our sound knowledge of chronic conditions and their associated complexities position us well to be able to support and offer effective dental care to these patients.

Elderly patients and patients in long-term care often have medical comorbidities which must be considered in their dental treatment. Our dental staff keeps abreast of all new developments in the dental industry as well as maintains up-to-date knowledge of best practices in order to ensure comprehensive and competent dental care to patients with complex medical circumstances.

Other Benefits of Family Dental Care

Do you or your family members have dental circumstances that are genetic? Since our teeth are such complex and important systems, it is important to know about and understand genetic conditions that could present in other family members. This allows your family dentist, not only to address the concern and mitigate the potential risk factors, but it positions us to be able to act proactively where children are concerned and take steps to mitigate the effects of these inherited dental traits.


Finally, we want your kids to look forward to seeing the dentist and we take steps to make that happen. We are your child’s cheerleader where it comes to their oral health and we consider ourselves privileged to play a part in the healthy development of their teeth. We love celebrating cavity-free teeth!


Is it time for you to see one of the general dentists at our family clinic? Call Griesbach Dental Centre in Edmonton to book your next appointment – you could even bring the whole family!

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